Lecture | From BIGDATA to design

From BIGDATA to design
Application of spatial big data in urban planning and architectural design
Big data is different from simple mass data. With the development of high and new technologies such as the Internet, mobile Internet and Internet of Things, big data can be automatically obtained.Big data with (or implicit) spatial location is called spatial big data.
We can analyze and extract valuable information and patterns from these data, which can help us make decisions in planning and architectural design applications, and even predict the future.
GIS (Geographic Information System) is one of the important carriers of spatial big data. Its core technologies include distributed storage and spatial computing of spatial data, real-time processing of geographic data, visualization of spatial technology, etc.
It has gradually played an important role in natural resources integration, urban management, public security, urban planning, architectural planning and other fields.
Therefore, spatial big data urgently needs to be promoted in urban planning and architectural design industries, so that design can be upgraded in the era of big data.