Lecture | Less is More - Sunshine Calculation

Less is More—QuicklySunshine Calculation

In the previous courses on sunshine, several methods of calculating sunshine are introduced, including using CAD Tianzheng sunshine software and sunshine master in Su. However, these methods all have a common disadvantage: "lag". The logic is to check whether the scheme can meet the design requirements through software after completing a design. This checking method can ensure the correctness of the scheme, but it greatly increases the time cost. Especially in the "trial" stage of the scheme, architects need to invest too much energy to verify these schemes, although many of these schemes are the product of preliminary ideas or brainstorming.
Therefore, in the "trial" stage of the scheme, or in the early stage of forced drainage, we may need a tool that can quickly do site analysis. It doesn't need to be completely accurate, but it should be able to generate quickly, and it doesn't need the architect to spend too much energy to verify the scheme. The work of verifying the scheme is just put on the last step《"Sunshine shadow table" is such a tool, which can help architects quickly find out the sunshine characteristics between buildings, so as to take the sunshine factors into account in the design process. The work of sunshine calculation is put in front, and there is no need to repeatedly verify the calculation.