Lecture | The Visiual Communication of Architecture
The Visiual Communication of Architecture
The application of viaual language in architecture and urban design
Throughout history, architects have used sketches and drawings to show their clients what the final project looks like. Since Brunelleschi adopted the perspective of painting in 1415, architectural renderings have been able to express many ideal images, and with the development of 3D modeling and digital rendering technology, the forms of expressing the perfect architectural effect have become more varied.
At present, architectural drawings are customarily understood as representations of architectural design rendered by computer modeling.Traditionally, architectural design representations were drawn by hand. The difference between the two is that the drawing tool is different, the expression style is different. The former is similar to a photograph, which can realistically simulate a building and its design after completion. The latter, in addition to the real performance of the completed effect, can reflect the design style and the artistic quality of the painting. In the design process, the two can learn from each other and integrate each other.